Resolving USB Issues with the KSW-T-USB-PermFix App for Ksw-T-M600_OS

Are you facing USB issues with your KSW Android 13 device? Do you find that certain apps are unable to access USB accessories like a DAB Radio, CarPlay dongle, OBD2 adapter, custom sensors, and other hardware? If so, we have the perfect solution for you – the KSW-T-USB-PermFix app.

The KSW-T-USB-PermFix app is specifically designed to fix permission issues related to USB accessories on the Ksw-T-M600_OS firmware. It addresses the problem of apps being unable to properly interact with USB devices, ensuring that you can seamlessly connect and use various accessories with your KSW Android 13 device.

The usual process in Android 13 goes like this: an app requests permission to access a USB device through the framework. This request is then sent to the SystemUI, where a window should appear, asking the user to either allow or deny access. However, KSW does not have this window by default, so the request goes unanswered and the app never gets the required permission. To work around this issue, the app replaces the original endpoint where user-interaction occurs with a modified one that grants the request as the user desires.

It is important to note that the KSW-T-USB-PermFix app is exclusively meant for devices running the Ksw-T-M600_OS firmware. If you are using a different firmware version, this app is not compatible and should not be used. Additionally, it is recommended to only utilize this app if you are experiencing USB issues on your device. If your USB functionality is working fine, there is no need to install this app.

By installing the KSW-T-USB-PermFix app, you can resolve the permission issues that may be preventing certain apps from accessing USB accessories. Whether you use a DAB Radio, CarPlay dongle, OBD2 adapter, or any other custom sensors or hardware, this app ensures that your KSW Android 13 device can communicate effectively with these devices.

The KSW-T-USB-PermFix app offers a simple and user-friendly solution to address USB issues. Once installed, it automatically fixes the permission problems, allowing your apps to seamlessly connect to USB accessories without any hassle. You don’t need to be a tech expert to use this app – it is designed to be intuitive and straightforward.

With the KSW-T-USB-PermFix app, you can enjoy the full functionality of your USB accessories on your KSW Android 13 device. Whether you use them for entertainment, navigation, diagnostics, or any other purpose, this app ensures that your USB connections are stable and reliable.

Remember, if you are not using the Ksw-T-M600_OS firmware or if you are not experiencing any USB issues, it is not recommended to install the KSW-T-USB-PermFix app. Installing it on incompatible firmware or without any USB problems may cause unexpected behavior or conflicts with your device.

In conclusion, if you are facing USB issues on your KSW Android 13 device and are unable to connect and use USB accessories properly, the KSW-T-USB-PermFix app is the perfect solution for you. Designed specifically for the Ksw-T-M600_OS firmware, this app fixes permission problems and ensures seamless connectivity with USB devices. Install the app and enjoy the full functionality of your USB accessories without any hassle.


Looks like the issue is has been resolved since Ksw-T-M600_OS_v1.4.0-ota. This app outlived its purpose and therefor has been removed.